Support Grace Can Offer to You

  • 1 Meet and Greet

  • 1-2 Prenatal Visits

  • Phone/Text/Email support before the birth

  • On call at 38 weeks

  • Full labor support by Grace or mutually acceptable back-up doula

  • Phone/text/email support following the birth

  • 1 Postpartum visit 3-6 weeks after the baby arrives

When We First Meet....

 This is our first time meeting. Even though it is a casual meeting, it is a very important part of the doula service process.

We can meet somewhere for coffee or tea. Our meeting will last about an hour and is for us to get acquainted. You will have questions about my role as your doula and  I will have questions about how you envision a doula in your birth process.

There is no obligation for either of us if we aren't a good match. It is my heart's desire that you have the best birth possible. If I'm not the right support for you, that is ok. I will be more than happy to help you find a better fit.


We will typically meet in your home for about 2 hours.

 This is our opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level.  This is the perfect chance for the new birthing team to get in sync about the wants and wishes for birth.   

During the prenatal visits, we will talk at length about the impending birth and the desires of both mom and partner.  The meeting also provides  a great opportunity for me to give the expectant couple suggestions for end of pregnancy positions and other information to prepare for birth.  Prenatal meetings should be scheduled between 34-38 weeks of pregnancy. 



It isn't unusual to get home with baby and have a lot of questions about his care as well as your own. I will check in with mom and baby by phone a day or two after the birth to see how everyone is settling into their new roles. I am happy to offer additional resources at that time if they are needed. Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk through any concerns or share some of the new joys you are experiencing.

I like to schedule an in-home visit about 3 weeks after the baby's birth. This offers mom an opportunity to debrief on the birth, ask questions, and talk about how things are going with the baby.

This meeting usually lasts 1-2 hours.


It will be my joy to offer full labor support with no time constraints.  I will go “on call ” at 38 weeks and remain on call until the baby's birth.  This means that I will be available to you when labor begins with short notice. 

I will come to you when you feel that you need additional support and will stay with you and your partner until after the birth of the baby.  Early labor support usually takes place at home, then moves to the place of birth (hospital, birth center, or home birth).  I can help with this transition and will do my best to make it as comfortable as possible. 

The type of labor support  depends on the individual couple and varies, but often includes:  verbal support, physical comfort, informational support, breastfeeding support, and advocacy by enhancing communication between care provider and clients.


My all-inclusive fee is $200. This includes all pre-natal visits, texting/phone support, early labor support, in-person or virtual labor support, and postpartum follow-up. Since I believe that every woman should have access to labor support, please let me know if there is a reason that my fee will cause a financial hardship and we will see what we can work out. 


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