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and Labor


in the Daytona Beach Area

"After giving birth to six of my own children,

I wanted to continue to share in the joy

of bringing these precious gifts into the world.

I will bring my personal experience as well as

the doula training I have

to help you have

the best possible and "uniquely-yours"

birth experience."

-Grace Crouch, Doula

Hand on Bump


Birthing Centre


Mother and Baby


I have designed a package that I believe best meets the needs of my clients. It allows for us to get acquainted and develop a birth plan as well as prepare for labor. The package includes me being available to answer questions as needed and going on call at 38 weeks for the birth of your baby.

We will have one or two prenatal visits, beginning around week 34. Our visits are typically in your home, where you will begin labor and are scheduled in a two hour block.

I will continue to be in contact with you following the birth of your baby. This typically includes a phone call a day or two after you and baby are home to answer any questions you might have. I will be excited to hear about how you and baby are doing and will be available to connect you with additional resources if you need them.
I will schedule an in-home visit with you at the time I call for about 3 weeks later.