I've had six amazing babies! Our first three were born in a hospital. Our last three were at home. All six labors and deliveries were uniquely special. Each left me so very grateful for their healthy arrival. Each also left me wishing things had been different in some way.


I was completely unaware that a birth doula was even "a thing." Not-so-deep inside me, I had always wished we had someone else with us during labor; coaching me, guiding me, helping me make informed decisions, and helping my husband, Rick know how to help me during contractions, transition, and pushing. Imagine my surprise to find out that other women wanted the same thing and that there were women out there trained to do those very things!


Once I knew that a doula is "a thing," it became something I really wanted to learn to do. I love babies and helping people find healthy, joyful ways to bring them into the world is something I long to do. I know first hand that we don't forget our labor (the good, the bad, or the ugly about them). But, we can learn how to have the best possible labor and delivery and have peace in the outcome when we have the support that we need. It is a privilege to be in a position to be able to offer this service to women, no matter their previous birth experience.


I am a member of DONA International, working toward certification. If you want to know more about DONA and the process of certification, please go to www.dona.org.

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